lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014


The wife of 15th-century Italian artist Paolo Uccello used to beg him to come to bed. She was fed up of him staying up all night drawing objects with the new method of 3D illusion – or as it was called at the time, "perspective". He still wouldn't come to bed. "This perspective is such a sweet thing," he said.

As you already know we live in a three-dimensional world:  

1. Height, 2. Length 3.Depth
We can change or viewpoint, trasnforming the way we see things. That way objects seem to be smaller of bigger depending whether we are close or far away from them. The same way objects might seem to vanish or disappear when we move around them or we move away from them. Light also plays a very interesting role in the way we perceive objects. 


Viewpoint in Perspective
Perspective viewpoint

The Horizon Line in Perspective
Art perspective horizon line

Vanishing Lines in Perspective
Art perspective vanishing lines and vanishing point

One Point Linear Perspective
One point perspective

This is an example for our NEXT PROJECT (one point linear perspective): 


And this is an idea for our next GROUP PROJECT: 

These are a few videos and links to help you with your project: 


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