domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012


This is a workshop from the Tomás y Valiente Art Center from Fuenlabrada. A marvelous Art Center just around the corner from our High School. It offers fantastic workshops and a lot of different activities for everyone open to learn new ways of doing things, new ways of learning.

LEARNING BY DOING, that is exactly what our students did here. We had the wonderful chance to see a unique exhibition about Tàpies, three months after his death (February the 6th, 2012). He was a Catalan painter, sculptor and art theorist, who became one of the most famous European artists of his generation. He stood out because of his heavy brushstrokes and the range of textures. His work is associated with both Abstraction Lyrique or Tachism (Art Informel) and Abstract Expressionism. He was always depicted for his greative genius that he mantained all his life. This unique exhibition confronts or compares his earlier and later works, to play with his own concept about duality (Ying and Yang).

We visited the exhibition first to find out more about Tàpies and his works of art, and to learn a little bit more about his techniques, such us frottage, grattage, collage, or Arte Povera.
After the visit our students created their own original and creative interpretations of "Tàpìes", playing with different materials, such as food condiments, like herbs and spices, and different types of graphic elements, to create dots, lines and planes (the basic elements of the visual image).

Afterwards we got together and we had a little discussion about their creations. Everyone had the opportunity to observe and coment eachother works of art and artistic intentions and feelings about it. We all really enjoyed it! 

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  1. Hello Teacher:
    I liked the workshop but I'am not so understood some ideas that Tápies wanted to say.
    One of his drawing scared me .It´s the one of a bathtub and over it was a man´s body without head.
    By Yidan

  2. Alberto Rivas Diaz26 de mayo de 2012, 17:02

    Anthony Tapies used abstract art,complementary art,poor art and matheric art and dark colors to represent the death and sometimes he used fair colors to do contrast.
    He also used body parts and things that we use every day like a door.He put a T and an A to represent his name(Tapies and Anthony) or the name of his wife(Teresa) but they are hidden to do doubts and think about it.
    He used a lot of techniques for example the collage,brush stroes with sand,grattage and frotage.
    He used strange materials like sand.
    I puted how I saw the Anthony Tapies´s art,now is your turn.
    Comment by Alberto Rivas Díaz of the I.E.S. La Serna´s school.

  3. I liked he activity because i liked draw so
    Jorge C 1EE

  4. I liked many the activity I hope we do it again

  5. I liked many the activity I hope we do it again

  6. i think that the videos are good.
    The escursion was interesting.
    I like it!