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Last Friday while I was explaining the construction of angles, and you were participating drawing it some of you on the worksheet and some others directly on the board, someone was busy doing something else...

Well, the class finished and this student saw me what she had done... SURPRISE! ORIGAMI. Beautiful feathers for a Turkey! I have to admit I was a bit angry that she did not do the Worksheet, that I am sure she will bring next class. ; ) Right? but I could not help smiling. She gave me a GREAT IDEA. Let’s do some ORIGAMI for Thanks Giving! What do you say?



Origami  (折り紙?, from ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper"; kami changes to gami due to rendaku) is the traditional Japanese art of folding paper into a shape representing an object. There is much speculation about the origin of Origami. While Japan seems to have had the most extensive tradition, there is evidence of an independent tradition of paper folding in China (traditional funerals include burning folded paper), as well as in Germany, Italy and Spain among other places.

Interesting links for origami:
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·         Last October, a friend of mine visited 'ESTAMPA ARTE MÚLTIPLE' FAIR which was held in Matadero Madrid. She discovered a new exhibitor: MAATT. Maatt is brand-new company focused on home decoration objects. They exploit the possibilities of any material they find on the way. Their first collection is based on paper and it is called Animaatts, and the best is that it's a do it yourself!, of course, with instructions. A Math Teacher at our school is an expert on Origami and she leaves her little creations around the school for anyone to be "adopted". Well I got myself a beautiful turtle! 

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