martes, 26 de septiembre de 2017


  • Point (punto)                    

      A point is the place where two lines intersect.
      In geometry, a point has no dimension
      We represent a point with a dot.
      We identify this point with a CAPITAL letter.

  • Line (línea)
        A line is made up of infinite points.
        It has not endpoints and continues endlessly on a plane. 
        These lines are named with small letters such r ,s, t...
  • Ray (semirrecta)
      A ray is a "straight" line that begins at a certain point and extends forever in one direction.
      The point where the ray begins is known as its endpoint.
  • Line segment (segmento)
        A line segment is a portion of a "straight" line.
        A line segment does not extend forever, but has two endpoints.

      The point halfway between the endpoints of a line segment is called the midpoint.  A midpoint divides a line segment into two equal segments.

  • Intersection

        The term intersect is used when lines, ray lines or segments share a common point.
        The point they share is called the point of intersection.

And here you can find a video explaining the differences between line, line segment and ray.

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