Online Tools

  • Practice the Visual Elements and Principles here: 

  • Practice Technical Drawing with SKETCHUP/3D. This in not an app online, you will have to download it. 

  • Practice your knowledge on the Basic Geometry Constructions  Author: Rosa Fernández 

  • Online Video-Tutorials: HOW TO DRAW... BY SHOO RAYNER


1. Flame. This tool is simply brilliant. It gives you simple tools which create flame-like textures. These textures can be adjusted according to your preferences: you can change colors, saturation, opacity, etc. Even random mouse gestures can end up creating wonderful patterns. Visit Flame here.


2.  Scribbler Too is another greatly engaging sketching tool. Its web-like drawings are easy to create. Many color options are available for you to modify. Learning the tools is quite easy and once you have learned them, creating masterpieces is quite easy too. Visit Scribbler Too here.


3. Flash Paint is a full web based drawing tool with many drawing features. The feature I liked best was its ability to create complex geometrical drawings with ease. This was achieved through a combination of lines and curves which you can modify easily. Click here to visit Flash Paint.


4. Odosketch. Odosketch supports brush-based drawing. Brushes of varying thickness are provided; these can be used to form brilliant drawing on the virtual canvas. Visit Odosketch here.


5. Sketch Swap. This sketching website has only drawing tool: a thick dark brown pencil. You draw a sketch and then swap it with somebody else on the site. When you view the other person’s sketch, a replay is shown of the sketch was built from zero to completion. It is quite interesting to see an empty canvas take the form of a finished product. Click here to visit Sketch Swap.


6. Draw.To Draw.To lets you draw simple small drawing and share them on Twitter and Facebook. The small canvas can be used to show off your creativity. Click here to visit Draw.To.


7. Penolo is a somewhat similar to Draw.To. You are provided with a small canvas and some basic tools to draw with. The result can be shared on your Twitter account. Visit Penolo here.


8. Canvastic. This online drawing tool is quite basic and very suitable for children or for quick time passing. If you want, you can accompany your pictures with explanatory text. Your brush strokes are recorded and a “replay” button can be used to see exactly how your sketch came into being. Visit Canvastic here.


9. Queeky lets you create simple drawing with tools that are seemingly basic but provide comprehensive drawing options. Finished drawing can be saved and share. Browsing others’ drawing is also possible through Queeky. Visit the site here.


10. SketchPad is a simple sketching tool with wonderful colors of canvas and brushes. The results you get are quite interesting because of the amazing color combinations. Click here to visit SketchPad.


11. Viscosity makes it very easy to create abstract art. If you have great drawing skills, you can use Viscosity to create something truly unique. Click here to visit the site.


12. Doink is another site which I thought made it a lot easier to create complex geometrical drawings through straight lines and curves. Apart from that, basic tools on the site make sketching fun and quick. Visit Doink here.


13. Flock Draw  is a collaborative drawing tool which can be a lot of fun if you have a partner to draw with on another computer. Click here to visit Flock Draw.


14. My Oats. This is an absolutely amazing website to create symmetrical circular drawings. You will get the hang of the available tools and mouse gestures rather quickly and easily create wonderful drawings. Visit My Oats here.


15. Draw Things is another simple drawing tool which lets you create simple sketches via variable pen thickness. The provided color range is not very vast but it does the simple sketching job fine. Draw Things is ideal for quickly killing some time. Visit the site here.


16.  Make your own ANIMATION with Pivot.

click to view full size

17.  Make your own comics.

Make Believe Comix

19. Can you match the colors?


20. Fun Online Comic Creators

21. Free Online Photo Editors. This presentation is from 2010, so some pages, like Picnic unfortunately have closed, but there are other 19 more left. Enjoy them!

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