jueves, 14 de septiembre de 2017


This is the start of a journey together. I will be using this blog to post both information related to our classes, an Art Gallery to show your Works of Art, and anything you might find interesting. 

This blog is a tool to help you understand the contents and activities explained in class, it is also a way to ad more information for you. You can also participate with your comments and ideas. I deeply appreciate your participation (20% of the final mark)

And remember...

Earth without ART is just EH!

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  1. Hey, Miss Calle. I'm Laura Salas of 3ºD. I don't know if you realised of the manga drawing that it is on the photo making the letter L. That character is one of the most famous manga series, Death Note. And his name is L. Okay, that's all!! See you on Tuesday!! XD

    1. Thanks a lot Laura, I also like the artbook "Blanc et Noir".

    2. Yes, I just saw it. Its very interesting. It is also from death note? I mean, they caugth the idea of the death note but with images inside it?